Welcome to Just Kidding Around Ranch

Hello friends!

We are a small, family ranch with Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Miniature Donkeys and German Shepherds. We are located in Vanleer, TN which is 45 miles West of Nashville, TN and 30 miles South of Clarksville, TN.  

My husband and I had always wanted to live on a farm. Our dream finally came true in 2013 when we packed up ourselves and our animals and moved from Florida to a home on 30 acres in Tennessee. It took us a little bit to get settled but in the beginning of 2014 we started looking at Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are so small and easy to handle. We now have a small herd and we just adore these babies! We strive to breed for good conformation and excellent milking genetics. Our herd tested negative for CAE in February of 2016. Most recently our herd has tested negative for CAE and Johnes in February of 2017.

All of our Nigerian Dwarf goats are registered.  

We also fell in love with Miniature Donkeys. They stand under 36” tall at the shoulders and are so adorable! When we purchased our first 2 goats, we also put a deposit down on a Miniature Donkey Jennet named Lillybell. Lillybell was our first Mini Donkey and we just love her! She stands at 33" tall and is Grey Dun in color. We have also added Be Bop, a Grey Dun Jennet who stands at 30" tall. We also have Bullet, a 30” tall spotted Jack. We have fallen head over heels for Mini Donkeys! 

All of our donkeys are registered with the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey registry, ADMS. 

Our goal is to breed for health, conformation and personality with both the goats and the donkeys. 

We also have AKC German Shepherds that we absolutely adore! My husband had always wanted German Shepherds and after a break-in at our house in Florida while I was home alone, he insisted we get a multipurpose dog who would be protective as well.  That’s when we brought a fluffy 8 week old puppy home. His name was Shadow and he was wonderful! We absolutely knew that German Shepherds were an amazing breed of dog. Unfortunately, Shadow died unexpectedly which left an enormous void in our hearts. 

This is when we brought home Anastazia. She is our baby and comes from excellent Czech Working Lines. Ana has an amazing pedigree with many Schutzhund titles. She has a high drive but is very willing to please. We have also added an imported female to our breeding program. Her name is Hexa V. Ljulin, she is from Bulgaria. She is very sweet and loves people! We have also retained a daughter from Ana. Her name is Sasha Vom Maximus and her father is an IPO-1 import from Bulgaria. We also imported our stud, Timo V. Ljulin, from Bulgaria. He is a grandson of the World Champion GSD, Ballack Von Der Bruckneralee! We are very happy with our babies and hope to provide outstanding puppies for family pets or working dogs. Our goal is to breed German Shepherds for health, conformation, personality and versatility.

We thoroughly love our ranch and hope you enjoy exploring our website. Please take a look at our sale page for what is available at this time.




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